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This API is now obsolete.

Provides methods to access services for tracking the loading state of a Web Forms document, handling events at load time, accessing a document's location, managing a document's undo service, and setting a new selection within the document.

public interface class IWebFormsDocumentService
[System.Obsolete("The recommended alternative is System.Web.UI.Design.WebFormsRootDesigner. The WebFormsRootDesigner contains additional functionality and allows for more extensibility. To get the WebFormsRootDesigner use the RootDesigner property from your ControlDesigner. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=14202")]
public interface IWebFormsDocumentService
type IWebFormsDocumentService = interface
Public Interface IWebFormsDocumentService



The IWebFormsDocumentService interface is obsolete. Use the WebFormsRootDesigner class for equivalent designer functionality.


DocumentUrl DocumentUrl DocumentUrl DocumentUrl

Gets the URL at which the document is located.

IsLoading IsLoading IsLoading IsLoading

Gets a value indicating whether the document service is currently loading.


CreateDiscardableUndoUnit() CreateDiscardableUndoUnit() CreateDiscardableUndoUnit() CreateDiscardableUndoUnit()

Creates a discardable undo unit.

DiscardUndoUnit(Object) DiscardUndoUnit(Object) DiscardUndoUnit(Object) DiscardUndoUnit(Object)

Discards the specified undo unit.

EnableUndo(Boolean) EnableUndo(Boolean) EnableUndo(Boolean) EnableUndo(Boolean)

Enables the ability to undo actions that occur within undoable action units or transactions.

UpdateSelection() UpdateSelection() UpdateSelection() UpdateSelection()

When implemented in a derived class, updates the current selection.


LoadComplete LoadComplete LoadComplete LoadComplete

Occurs when the service has finished loading.

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