PanelContainerDesigner.FrameCaption PanelContainerDesigner.FrameCaption PanelContainerDesigner.FrameCaption PanelContainerDesigner.FrameCaption Property


Gets the caption that appears on the associated Panel control.

 virtual property System::String ^ FrameCaption { System::String ^ get(); };
public override string FrameCaption { get; }
member this.FrameCaption : string
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property FrameCaption As String

Property Value

A string that contains the panel caption.


The following code example shows how to override the FrameCaption property in a class that is inherited from the PanelContainerDesigner class to change the appearance of a control that is derived from the Panel class at design time. The example provides a default caption for the associated control, if none was defined.

// Provide a design-time caption for the panel.
public override string FrameCaption 
        // If the FrameCaption is empty, use the panel control ID.
        string localCaption = base.FrameCaption;
        if (localCaption == null || localCaption == "")
            localCaption = ((Panel)Component).ID.ToString();

        return localCaption;
} // FrameCaption
' Provide a design-time caption for the panel.
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property FrameCaption() As String
        ' If the FrameCaption is empty, use the panel control ID.
        Dim localCaption As String = MyBase.FrameCaption
        If localCaption Is Nothing Or localCaption = "" Then
            localCaption = CType(Component, Panel).ID.ToString()
        End If

        Return localCaption
    End Get
End Property ' FrameCaption


The FrameCaption property returns the GroupingText property of the associated Panel control.

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