IDataItemContainer.DataItemIndex Property


When implemented, gets the index of the data item bound to a control.

 property int DataItemIndex { int get(); };
public int DataItemIndex { get; }
member this.DataItemIndex : int
Public ReadOnly Property DataItemIndex As Integer

Property Value


An Integer representing the index of the data item in the data source.


The following code example demonstrates an implementation of the DataItemIndex property. It is part of a larger example in the IDataItemContainer class overview topic.

int IDataItemContainer.DataItemIndex
        return _itemIndex;
ReadOnly Property DataItemIndex() As Integer Implements IDataItemContainer.DataItemIndex
        Return _itemIndex
    End Get
End Property


In implementing classes such as FormView, GridViewRow, and DetailsView, the DataItemIndex property is used to determine the index of the data item bound to the control from the data source. The DataItemIndex property does not refer to the index of the data item as displayed by the data control.

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