IFilterResolutionService Interface


Provides an interface that designer developers can use to evaluate device filters by name.

public interface class IFilterResolutionService
public interface IFilterResolutionService
type IFilterResolutionService = interface
Public Interface IFilterResolutionService


Page developers and control authors do not use the IFilterResolutionService interface. The IFilterResolutionService interface is implemented by designer developers to provide device filter-related services when parsing and persisting controls in the designer environment.

The IFilterResolutionService interface is used when a designer developer needs to support the editing of filtered properties.

The IFilterResolutionService interface is specific to controls' use of device filters in a designer environment. When controls are parsed or persisted in the designer environment outside the context of a browser request, the IFilterResolutionService interface provides a way to determine whether the current control is affected by a named filter and whether a named filter is part of a specific device-filter hierarchy.

The HttpCapabilitiesBase class implements the IFilterResolutionService interface.


CompareFilters(String, String)

Returns a value indicating whether a parent-child relationship exists between two specified device filters.


Returns a value indicating whether the specified filter is a type of the current filter object.

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