IScriptControl IScriptControl IScriptControl IScriptControl Interface


Defines methods that ASP.NET server controls must implement to define ECMAScript (JavaScript) resources in AJAX-enabled applications.

public interface class IScriptControl
public interface IScriptControl
type IScriptControl = interface
Public Interface IScriptControl


When implemented by a class, the methods of the IScriptControl interface provide references to script libraries that define client components and script descriptors that represent instances of client types. Implement this interface in custom server controls that will include script control functionality.

For more information, see Adding Client Capabilities to a Web Server Control.


GetScriptDescriptors() GetScriptDescriptors() GetScriptDescriptors() GetScriptDescriptors()

Gets a collection of script descriptors that represent ECMAScript (JavaScript) client components.

GetScriptReferences() GetScriptReferences() GetScriptReferences() GetScriptReferences()

Gets a collection of ScriptReference objects that define script resources that the control requires.

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