MobileControl.Adapter Property


Returns the device-specific adapter for the control. This API is obsolete. For information about how to develop ASP.NET mobile applications, see Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET.

 property System::Web::UI::MobileControls::IControlAdapter ^ Adapter { System::Web::UI::MobileControls::IControlAdapter ^ get(); };
public System.Web.UI.MobileControls.IControlAdapter Adapter { get; }
member this.Adapter : System.Web.UI.MobileControls.IControlAdapter
Public ReadOnly Property Adapter As IControlAdapter

Property Value

An adapter specific to the device on which the page will be displayed, which is also usually specific to the control.



The IControlAdapter instance returned is specific to the current MobileControl object. Any child controls of the current control will use their specific adapter as well.

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