ScriptManager.IsDebuggingEnabled ScriptManager.IsDebuggingEnabled ScriptManager.IsDebuggingEnabled ScriptManager.IsDebuggingEnabled Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the debug versions of client script libraries will be rendered.

 property bool IsDebuggingEnabled { bool get(); };
public bool IsDebuggingEnabled { get; }
member this.IsDebuggingEnabled : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsDebuggingEnabled As Boolean
Property Value

true if the current request is executing in debug mode; otherwise, false.


The IsDebuggingEnabled property returns false when any one of the following conditions is true:

  • In the element of the configuration file, the retail attribute is set to true. This overrides all other settings.

  • The ScriptMode property is set to Auto or to Inherit, and debugging is not enabled in the compilation section of the application-root Web.config file.

  • The ScriptMode property is set to Release.


    The debug attribute of the directive does not affect Ajax-enabled ASP.NET applications. The ScriptManager control uses only the settings in the Web.config file and in its IsDebuggingEnabled and ScriptMode properties to determine whether to render debug scripts.

For more information, see Debugging and Tracing Ajax Applications Overview.

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