ScriptResourceDefinition ScriptResourceDefinition ScriptResourceDefinition ScriptResourceDefinition Class


Defines the location of a script resource.

public ref class ScriptResourceDefinition
public class ScriptResourceDefinition
type ScriptResourceDefinition = class
Public Class ScriptResourceDefinition


A ScriptResourceDefinition object represents a single logical script resource. This resource might have several different physical representations, such as a debug version, a release version, and a version on a content delivery network (CDN).


ScriptResourceDefinition() ScriptResourceDefinition() ScriptResourceDefinition() ScriptResourceDefinition()

Initializes a new instance of the ScriptResourceDefinition class.


CdnDebugPath CdnDebugPath CdnDebugPath CdnDebugPath

Gets or sets the debug mode path of the script resource on a content delivery network (CDN).

CdnPath CdnPath CdnPath CdnPath

Gets or sets the release mode path of a script resource on a content delivery network (CDN).

CdnSupportsSecureConnection CdnSupportsSecureConnection CdnSupportsSecureConnection CdnSupportsSecureConnection

Gets or set a value that indicates to the ScriptManager whether a script resource should be accessed using a secure connection to the content delivery network (CDN) path when the page is accessed using HTTPS.

DebugPath DebugPath DebugPath DebugPath

Gets or sets the debug mode path of the script resource that is used when debug mode is enabled.

LoadSuccessExpression LoadSuccessExpression LoadSuccessExpression LoadSuccessExpression

Gets or sets a JavaScript expression that is used to detect whether a JavaScript file loaded successfully.

Path Path Path Path

Gets or set the release mode path of the script resource.

ResourceAssembly ResourceAssembly ResourceAssembly ResourceAssembly

Gets or sets an assembly object that contains the script resource.

ResourceName ResourceName ResourceName ResourceName

Gets or sets the name of the script resource in the specified resource assembly.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnDebugPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnDebugPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnDebugPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnDebugPathSecureConnection
IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnPathSecureConnection IScriptResourceDefinition.CdnPathSecureConnection


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