StateManagedCollection.IStateManager.LoadViewState(Object) StateManagedCollection.IStateManager.LoadViewState(Object) StateManagedCollection.IStateManager.LoadViewState(Object) Method


Restores the previously saved view state of the StateManagedCollection collection and the IStateManager items it contains.

 virtual void System.Web.UI.IStateManager.LoadViewState(System::Object ^ savedState) = System::Web::UI::IStateManager::LoadViewState;
void IStateManager.LoadViewState (object savedState);
Sub LoadViewState (savedState As Object) Implements IStateManager.LoadViewState


Object Object Object

An object that represents the collection and collection elements' state to restore.



This method restores view-state information that was saved by the IStateManager.SaveViewState method.

View state is the accumulation of the values of a server control's properties. These values are automatically placed in the server control's ViewState property, which is an instance of the StateBag class. This property's value is then persisted to a string object after the save state stage of the server control life cycle. For more information, see NIB: ASP.NET Web Server Controls.

This method is used primarily by control developers. You can override this method to specify how a custom server control restores its view state. For more information, see ASP.NET State Management Overview.

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