ThemeProvider ThemeProvider ThemeProvider ThemeProvider Class


Provides a class that encapsulates theme and style sheet information for controls in a designer environment.

public ref class ThemeProvider sealed
public sealed class ThemeProvider
type ThemeProvider = class
Public NotInheritable Class ThemeProvider


Page developers and control authors do not use the ThemeProvider class. ASP.NET developer tool and designer builders use the ThemeProvider class in conjunction with the SkinBuilder class and the IThemeResolutionService interface to apply themes and their respective control skins to controls at design time.

The ThemeProvider class encapsulates the information needed to apply a theme or style sheet theme and its control skins to the child controls of a control in a designer.


ThemeProvider(IDesignerHost, String, String, String[], String) ThemeProvider(IDesignerHost, String, String, String[], String) ThemeProvider(IDesignerHost, String, String, String[], String) ThemeProvider(IDesignerHost, String, String, String[], String)

Initializes a new instance of the ThemeProvider class.


ContentHashCode ContentHashCode ContentHashCode ContentHashCode

Gets the hash of the theme definition passed to the constructor.

CssFiles CssFiles CssFiles CssFiles

Gets a set of strings that represent the names of any cascading style sheet (CSS) files associated with the current theme, if the theme is a style sheet theme.

DesignerHost DesignerHost DesignerHost DesignerHost

Gets an IDesignerHost object that represents the current designer environment.

ThemeName ThemeName ThemeName ThemeName

Gets the name of the theme or style sheet theme that the ThemeProvider instance represents.


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GetSkinBuilder(Control) GetSkinBuilder(Control) GetSkinBuilder(Control) GetSkinBuilder(Control)

Retrieves a SkinBuilder instance for the specified control, which is used to apply a theme and control skin in a designer environment.

GetSkinControlBuildersForControlType(Type) GetSkinControlBuildersForControlType(Type) GetSkinControlBuildersForControlType(Type) GetSkinControlBuildersForControlType(Type)

Gets an IDictionary object that contains a set of SkinBuilder objects for the specified Type.

GetSkinsForControl(Type) GetSkinsForControl(Type) GetSkinsForControl(Type) GetSkinsForControl(Type)

Gets an ICollection of skin identifiers that are associated with the specified Type.

GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

Gets the Type of the current instance.

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