UserControl.Request Property


Gets the HttpRequest object for the current Web request.

 property System::Web::HttpRequest ^ Request { System::Web::HttpRequest ^ get(); };
public System.Web.HttpRequest Request { get; }
member this.Request : System.Web.HttpRequest
Public ReadOnly Property Request As HttpRequest

Property Value


The HttpRequest object associated with the Page that contains the UserControl instance.



The following example uses the Request property to obtain the physical path of the user control. With an ID property set to myControl, the user control's location is obtained by a containing page or user control using the myControl.Request.Path syntax.

          myControl.Response.Write("<br /><b>The server code is running on machine</b> : " + myControl.Server.MachineName);
          string actualServerPath = myControl.MapPath(myControl.Request.Path);

myControl.Response.Write("<br /><b>The server code is running on machine</b> : " + myControl.Server.MachineName)
Dim actualServerPath As String = myControl.MapPath(myControl.Request.Path)

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