DetailsView.CreateFieldSet(Object, Boolean) Method


Creates the complete set of automatically generated and user-defined row fields used to generate the control hierarchy.

 virtual System::Collections::ICollection ^ CreateFieldSet(System::Object ^ dataItem, bool useDataSource);
protected virtual System.Collections.ICollection CreateFieldSet (object dataItem, bool useDataSource);
abstract member CreateFieldSet : obj * bool -> System.Collections.ICollection
override this.CreateFieldSet : obj * bool -> System.Collections.ICollection
Protected Overridable Function CreateFieldSet (dataItem As Object, useDataSource As Boolean) As ICollection



The data item for which to create the row fields.


true to use the data item to create the automatically generated row fields; otherwise, false.



An ICollection that contains both the automatically generated and the user-defined row fields for the specified data item.


The CreateFieldSet method is a helper method called by the DetailsView control to create the complete set of row fields for the control. If the AutoGenerateRows property is set to true, automatically generated row fields are appended to the user-defined row fields contained in the Fields collection. To create the automatically generated row fields based on the data item, pass in true for the useDataSource parameter; otherwise, the automatically generated row fields are created based on properties of the existing row fields in the control.

Notes to Inheritors

When extending the DetailsView class, you can override this method to create your own set of row fields.

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