IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource Interface


Exposes methods and properties that the QueryExtender control uses to communicate with data source controls.

public interface class IQueryableDataSource : System::Web::UI::IDataSource
public interface IQueryableDataSource : System.Web.UI.IDataSource
type IQueryableDataSource = interface
    interface IDataSource
Public Interface IQueryableDataSource
Implements IDataSource


RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged()

Raises the DataSourceViewChanged event by calling the OnDataSourceViewChanged(EventArgs) method.


QueryCreated QueryCreated QueryCreated QueryCreated

Occurs when a query is created in a data source.

Extension Methods

GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource)

Gets the collection of the default values for the specified data source.

GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource)

Gets the metadata for a table in the specified data source object.

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