IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource IQueryableDataSource Interface


Exposes methods and properties that the QueryExtender control uses to communicate with data source controls.

public interface class IQueryableDataSource : System::Web::UI::IDataSource
public interface IQueryableDataSource : System.Web.UI.IDataSource
type IQueryableDataSource = interface
    interface IDataSource
Public Interface IQueryableDataSource
Implements IDataSource


GetView(String) GetView(String) GetView(String) GetView(String)

Gets the named data source view associated with the data source control.

(Inherited from IDataSource)
GetViewNames() GetViewNames() GetViewNames() GetViewNames()

Gets a collection of names representing the list of view objects associated with the IDataSource interface.

(Inherited from IDataSource)
RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged() RaiseViewChanged()

Raises the DataSourceViewChanged event by calling the OnDataSourceViewChanged(EventArgs) method.


DataSourceChanged DataSourceChanged DataSourceChanged DataSourceChanged

Occurs when a data source control has changed in some way that affects data-bound controls.

(Inherited from IDataSource)
QueryCreated QueryCreated QueryCreated QueryCreated

Occurs when a query is created in a data source.

Extension Methods

GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource) GetDefaultValues(IDataSource)

Gets the collection of the default values for the specified data source.

GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource) GetMetaTable(IDataSource)

Gets the metadata for a table in the specified data source object.

TryGetMetaTable(IDataSource, MetaTable) TryGetMetaTable(IDataSource, MetaTable) TryGetMetaTable(IDataSource, MetaTable) TryGetMetaTable(IDataSource, MetaTable)

Determines whether table metadata is available.

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