ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs.ReturnValue ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs.ReturnValue ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs.ReturnValue ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs.ReturnValue Property


Gets the return value that is returned by the business object method, if any, as an object.

 property System::Object ^ ReturnValue { System::Object ^ get(); };
public object ReturnValue { get; }
member this.ReturnValue : obj
Public ReadOnly Property ReturnValue As Object

Property Value

An object that represents the return value returned by the business object method; otherwise, null, if the business object method returns no value.


The ReturnValue property is set in the ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs constructor. The value is set to the return value of the business object method call, which is called using reflection. If the business method returns no value (such as when the business object method returns void), the ReturnValue property evaluated to null.

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