Repeater.Controls Repeater.Controls Repeater.Controls Repeater.Controls Property


Gets a ControlCollection that contains the child controls of the Repeater control.

 virtual property System::Web::UI::ControlCollection ^ Controls { System::Web::UI::ControlCollection ^ get(); };
public override System.Web.UI.ControlCollection Controls { get; }
member this.Controls : System.Web.UI.ControlCollection
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Controls As ControlCollection

Property Value


Use the Controls collection to manage the child controls of the Repeater control. It is commonly used to retrieve a child control from the collection. You can also add and remove child controls from the collection.


To access a child control within a Repeater control, iterate through the Repeater control's Items collection to retrieve the RepeaterItem for a given index. Then call the Repeater item's inherited FindControl method to retrieve a control with a particular ID.

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