TableCell.AddParsedSubObject(Object) TableCell.AddParsedSubObject(Object) TableCell.AddParsedSubObject(Object) TableCell.AddParsedSubObject(Object) Method


Adds a parsed child control to the TableCell control.

 override void AddParsedSubObject(System::Object ^ obj);
protected override void AddParsedSubObject (object obj);
override this.AddParsedSubObject : obj -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub AddParsedSubObject (obj As Object)


Object Object Object Object

An Object that represents the parsed element


If the TableCell control contains child controls then the base class's AddParsedSubObject method is called; otherwise, the TableCell control's Text property value is added as a LiteralControl object to the TableCell control's ControlCollection.

The AddParsedSubObject method is used primarily by control developers extending the functionality of the TableCell control.

Notes to Inheritors

When overriding the AddParsedSubObject(Object) method in a derived class, be sure to call the base class's AddParsedSubObject(Object) method so that objects are properly added to the TableCell control ControlCollection.

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