WebPartConnectionsEventHandler WebPartConnectionsEventHandler WebPartConnectionsEventHandler WebPartConnectionsEventHandler Delegate


Represents the method that will handle the WebPartsConnected and WebPartsDisconnected events of the WebPartManager control.

public delegate void WebPartConnectionsEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, WebPartConnectionsEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void WebPartConnectionsEventHandler(object sender, WebPartConnectionsEventArgs e);
type WebPartConnectionsEventHandler = delegate of obj * WebPartConnectionsEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub WebPartConnectionsEventHandler(sender As Object, e As WebPartConnectionsEventArgs)


Object Object Object Object

The source of the event.



The WebPartConnectionsEventHandler class defines a handler delegate for two events that occur on the WebPartManager control: the WebPartsConnected event and the WebPartsDisconnected event. The method that handles the WebPartsConnected event is the OnWebPartsConnected method. The method that handles the WebPartsDisconnected event is the OnWebPartsDisconnected method. In both cases, the event data are contained in a WebPartConnectionsEventArgs object.

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Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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