WebPartManager.ConnectionsActivating WebPartManager.ConnectionsActivating WebPartManager.ConnectionsActivating WebPartManager.ConnectionsActivating Event


Occurs during the process of activating all the established Web Parts connections on a Web page.

 event EventHandler ^ ConnectionsActivating;
public event EventHandler ConnectionsActivating;
member this.ConnectionsActivating : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event ConnectionsActivating As EventHandler 


In the life cycle of connections, this event occurs as a page is completing its loading process, just before the ActivateConnections method is called. It is different from the WebPartsConnecting event, which involves a particular connection between WebPart or other server controls. The ConnectionsActivating event occurs when all the possible connections on a page have been connected and are about to be activated.

The ConnectionsActivating event is associated with the OnConnectionsActivating method, which raises the event. Control developers who want to extend the type of connections that can be added to a page could override the protected OnConnectionsActivating method and activate additional types of connections.

Page developers can create a custom handler for the event by adding the OnConnectionsActivating attribute to the <asp:webpartmanager> element in the page, and then assigning a custom method name to the attribute.

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