WebPartManager.IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty Property


Gets a value that indicates whether personalization changes have been made that affect page-level personalization details controlled by the WebPartManager control.

 virtual property bool IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty { bool get(); };
protected virtual bool IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty { get; }
member this.IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty : bool
Protected Overridable ReadOnly Property IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty As Boolean

Property Value


A Boolean value that indicates whether personalization changes have been made. The default value is false.


The WebPartManager control uses the IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty property internally to track whether any of the page-level personalization data that it manages has changed. The personalization data changes when users carry out various personalization actions at the page level, such as adding or removing WebPart controls, connecting or disconnecting controls, changing the page's layout by moving controls, and other actions.


Users can also perform personalization at the control level, which means that they make personalization changes to a specific control, and the changes affect only that control. An example would be editing the control and changing its title text, or its background color. Control-level personalization does not affect the page-level personalization data tracked by the WebPartManager control, and so the IsCustomPersonalizationStateDirty property value is not changed to true when control-level personalization occurs.

Although the method is protected and cannot be accessed directly by a caller, the IPersonalizable.IsDirty property can be accessed directly by callers, and it returns the value of this property.

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