WebPartMovingEventHandler Delegate


Represents the method that will handle the WebPartMoving event of a WebPartManager object.

public delegate void WebPartMovingEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, WebPartMovingEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void WebPartMovingEventHandler(object sender, WebPartMovingEventArgs e);
type WebPartMovingEventHandler = delegate of obj * WebPartMovingEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub WebPartMovingEventHandler(sender As Object, e As WebPartMovingEventArgs)



The source of the event.


A WebPartMovingEventArgs that contains the event data.



The WebPartMoving event is raised when a WebPart or other server control is being moved within its own zone, or to another zone. This can occur both when a user drags a control, and when there is a programmatic move.

The WebPartMoving event is raised by the OnWebPartMoving method, and it provides an opportunity to cancel the moving process before it is complete. If the move is completed and the control placed in a new position, this event is followed by the WebPartMoved event.

The method specified in the WebPartMovingEventHandler delegate will be called when a WebPartMoving event is raised.

Page developers can create a custom handler for the event by adding the OnWebPartMoving attribute to the <asp:webpartmanager> element, and assigning a custom method name to the attribute. A custom handler can also be assigned programmatically. For more information about how to subscribe to an event, see How to: Raise and Consume Events.

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