RequestFieldValidatorBase RequestFieldValidatorBase RequestFieldValidatorBase Class


Serves as the abstract base class for the validation helper classes.

public abstract class RequestFieldValidatorBase : System.Web.WebPages.IValidator
type RequestFieldValidatorBase = class
    interface IValidator
Public MustInherit Class RequestFieldValidatorBase
Implements IValidator


RequestFieldValidatorBase(String) RequestFieldValidatorBase(String) RequestFieldValidatorBase(String)

Initializes a new instance of the derived class and specifies the name of the HTML element that is being validated.

RequestFieldValidatorBase(String, Boolean) RequestFieldValidatorBase(String, Boolean) RequestFieldValidatorBase(String, Boolean)

Initializes a new instance of the derived class, registers the specified string as the error message to display if no value is supplied, and specifies whether the method can use unvalidated data.


ClientValidationRule ClientValidationRule ClientValidationRule

When implemented in a derived class, gets a container for client validation for the required field.


GetHttpContext(ValidationContext) GetHttpContext(ValidationContext) GetHttpContext(ValidationContext)

Returns the HTTP context of the current request.

GetRequestValue(HttpRequestBase, String) GetRequestValue(HttpRequestBase, String) GetRequestValue(HttpRequestBase, String)

Returns the value to validate.

IsValid(HttpContextBase, String) IsValid(HttpContextBase, String) IsValid(HttpContextBase, String)

Returns a value that indicates whether the specified value is valid.

Validate(ValidationContext) Validate(ValidationContext) Validate(ValidationContext)

Performs the validation test.

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