AspNetWebSocketOptions AspNetWebSocketOptions AspNetWebSocketOptions AspNetWebSocketOptions Class


Specifies configuration settings for an AspNetWebSocket connection.

public ref class AspNetWebSocketOptions sealed
public sealed class AspNetWebSocketOptions
type AspNetWebSocketOptions = class
Public NotInheritable Class AspNetWebSocketOptions


AspNetWebSocketOptions() AspNetWebSocketOptions() AspNetWebSocketOptions() AspNetWebSocketOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the AspNetWebSocketOptions class.


RequireSameOrigin RequireSameOrigin RequireSameOrigin RequireSameOrigin

Gets or sets whether the URL that initiated the WebSocket connection corresponds to the current server.

SubProtocol SubProtocol SubProtocol SubProtocol

Gets or sets the name of an application-specific protocol that a remote client and a server can use to exchange data over an AspNetWebSocket connection.


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