XmlSiteMapProvider.AddProvider(String, SiteMapNode) Method


Links a child site map provider to the current provider.

 virtual void AddProvider(System::String ^ providerName, System::Web::SiteMapNode ^ parentNode);
protected virtual void AddProvider (string providerName, System.Web.SiteMapNode parentNode);
abstract member AddProvider : string * System.Web.SiteMapNode -> unit
override this.AddProvider : string * System.Web.SiteMapNode -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub AddProvider (providerName As String, parentNode As SiteMapNode)



The name of one of the SiteMapProvider objects currently registered in the Providers.


A site map node of the current site map provider under which the root node and all nodes of the child provider is added.


The Provider property of the parentNode does not reference the current provider.

parentNode is null.

providerName cannot be resolved.

The site map file used by providerName is already in use within the provider hierarchy.


The root node returned by providerName is null.


The root node returned by providerName has a URL or key that is already registered with the parent XmlSiteMapProvider.


The AddProvider method links providerName to the current provider as a child of the current provider. The root node of providerName is added to the hierarchy for the current provider as a child node of parentNode. Because the parent provider calls the BuildSiteMap method on providerName, the exceptions that are described in the BuildSiteMap method might be thrown.

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