AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler Delegate


Represents the method implemented by the UI Automation client application to handle the event raised by a UI Automation provider when the focus has changed.

public delegate void AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler(object sender, AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs e);
type AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler = delegate of obj * AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler(sender As Object, e As AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs)



The object that raised the event.


Information about the event.


The following example implements a delegate to handle focus-changed events.

private void OnFocusChanged(object src, AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs e)
    AutomationElement elementFocused = src as AutomationElement;
    // TODO: Do something in response to the focus change.
Private Sub OnFocusChanged(ByVal src As Object, ByVal e As AutomationFocusChangedEventArgs)
    Dim elementFocused As AutomationElement = DirectCast(src, AutomationElement)
    ' TODO: Do something in response to the focus change.
End Sub


Use an AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler delegate to define the method that is called by a client to handle UI Automation focus-changed events.

The AutomationElement represented by sender might not have any cached properties or patterns, depending on whether the application subscribed to this event while a CacheRequest was active.

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Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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