GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation Struct


Provides access to the property values of a GridItemPattern object using its Current or Cached accessors.

public: value class GridItemPattern::GridItemPatternInformation
public struct GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation
type GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation = struct
Public Structure GridItemPattern.GridItemPatternInformation


Column Column Column Column

Gets the ordinal number of the column that contains the cell or item.

ColumnSpan ColumnSpan ColumnSpan ColumnSpan

Gets the number of columns spanned by a cell or item.

ContainingGrid ContainingGrid ContainingGrid ContainingGrid

Gets a UI Automation element that supports GridPattern and represents the container of the cell or item.

Row Row Row Row

Gets the ordinal number of the row that contains the cell or item.

RowSpan RowSpan RowSpan RowSpan

Gets the number of rows spanned by a cell or item.

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