IDockProvider Interface


Exposes methods and properties to support UI Automation client access to controls that expose their dock properties within a docking container.

public interface class IDockProvider
public interface IDockProvider
public interface IDockProvider
type IDockProvider = interface
Public Interface IDockProvider


Implemented on a UI Automation provider that must support the DockPattern control pattern.

A docking container is a control that allows the arrangement of child elements, both horizontally and vertically, relative to the boundaries of the docking container and other elements within the container.

IDockProvider does not expose any properties of the docking container or any properties of controls that may be docked adjacent to the current control within the docking container.

Controls are docked relative to each other based on their current z-order; the higher their z-order placement the further they are placed from the specified edge of the docking container.



Gets the current DockPosition of the control within a docking container.



Docks the control within a docking container.

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