TextPattern TextPattern TextPattern TextPattern Class


Represents controls that contain text.

public ref class TextPattern : System::Windows::Automation::BasePattern
public class TextPattern : System.Windows.Automation.BasePattern
type TextPattern = class
    inherit BasePattern
Public Class TextPattern
Inherits BasePattern


The TextPattern class may not provide for text features that exist only in a particular UI Automation provider. For these unique and often advanced features, the AutomationElement class provides methods for a UI Automation client to access the corresponding native object model.


AnimationStyleAttribute AnimationStyleAttribute AnimationStyleAttribute AnimationStyleAttribute

Identifies the AnimationStyle attribute of a text range.

BackgroundColorAttribute BackgroundColorAttribute BackgroundColorAttribute BackgroundColorAttribute

Identifies the BackgroundColor attribute of a text range.

BulletStyleAttribute BulletStyleAttribute BulletStyleAttribute BulletStyleAttribute

Identifies the BulletStyle attribute of a text range.

CapStyleAttribute CapStyleAttribute CapStyleAttribute CapStyleAttribute

Identifies the CapStyle attribute of a text range.

CultureAttribute CultureAttribute CultureAttribute CultureAttribute

Identifies the Culture (CultureInfo) attribute of a text range down to the sub-language level; for example, French-Switzerland (fr-CH) instead of French (fr).

FontNameAttribute FontNameAttribute FontNameAttribute FontNameAttribute

Identifies the FontName attribute of a text range.

FontSizeAttribute FontSizeAttribute FontSizeAttribute FontSizeAttribute

Identifies the FontSize attribute of a text range.

FontWeightAttribute FontWeightAttribute FontWeightAttribute FontWeightAttribute

Identifies the FontWeight attribute of a text range.

ForegroundColorAttribute ForegroundColorAttribute ForegroundColorAttribute ForegroundColorAttribute

Identifies the ForegroundColor (COLORREF) attribute of a text range.

HorizontalTextAlignmentAttribute HorizontalTextAlignmentAttribute HorizontalTextAlignmentAttribute HorizontalTextAlignmentAttribute

Identifies the HorizontalTextAlignment attribute of a text range.

IndentationFirstLineAttribute IndentationFirstLineAttribute IndentationFirstLineAttribute IndentationFirstLineAttribute

Identifies the IndentationFirstLine (TextIndent) attribute of a text range.

IndentationLeadingAttribute IndentationLeadingAttribute IndentationLeadingAttribute IndentationLeadingAttribute

Identifies the IndentationLeading(TextIndent) attribute of a text range.

IndentationTrailingAttribute IndentationTrailingAttribute IndentationTrailingAttribute IndentationTrailingAttribute

Identifies the IndentationTrailing(TextIndent) attribute of a text range.

IsHiddenAttribute IsHiddenAttribute IsHiddenAttribute IsHiddenAttribute

Identifies the IsHidden attribute of a text range.

IsItalicAttribute IsItalicAttribute IsItalicAttribute IsItalicAttribute

Identifies the IsItalic (FontStyle) attribute of a text range.

IsReadOnlyAttribute IsReadOnlyAttribute IsReadOnlyAttribute IsReadOnlyAttribute

Identifies the IsReadOnly attribute of a text range.

IsSubscriptAttribute IsSubscriptAttribute IsSubscriptAttribute IsSubscriptAttribute

Identifies the IsSubscript (FontVariants) attribute of a text range.

IsSuperscriptAttribute IsSuperscriptAttribute IsSuperscriptAttribute IsSuperscriptAttribute

Identifies the IsSuperscript (FontVariants) attribute of a text range.

MarginBottomAttribute MarginBottomAttribute MarginBottomAttribute MarginBottomAttribute

Identifies the MarginBottom (PageSettings) attribute of a text range.

MarginLeadingAttribute MarginLeadingAttribute MarginLeadingAttribute MarginLeadingAttribute

Identifies the MarginLeading (PageSettings) attribute of a text range.

MarginTopAttribute MarginTopAttribute MarginTopAttribute MarginTopAttribute

Identifies the MarginTop (PageSettings) attribute of a text range.

MarginTrailingAttribute MarginTrailingAttribute MarginTrailingAttribute MarginTrailingAttribute

Identifies the MarginTrailing (PageSettings) attribute of a text range.

MixedAttributeValue MixedAttributeValue MixedAttributeValue MixedAttributeValue

Identifies whether the value of a given attribute varies over a text range in a rich edit control.

OutlineStylesAttribute OutlineStylesAttribute OutlineStylesAttribute OutlineStylesAttribute

Identifies the OutlineStyles (OutlineStyles) attribute of a text range.

OverlineColorAttribute OverlineColorAttribute OverlineColorAttribute OverlineColorAttribute

Identifies the OverlineColor attribute of a text range.

OverlineStyleAttribute OverlineStyleAttribute OverlineStyleAttribute OverlineStyleAttribute

Identifies the OverlineStyle (TextDecorationLineStyle) attribute of a text range.

Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern

Identifies the TextPattern pattern.

StrikethroughColorAttribute StrikethroughColorAttribute StrikethroughColorAttribute StrikethroughColorAttribute

Identifies the StrikethroughColor attribute of a text range.

StrikethroughStyleAttribute StrikethroughStyleAttribute StrikethroughStyleAttribute StrikethroughStyleAttribute

Identifies the StrikethroughStyle (TextDecorationLineStyle) attribute of a text range.

TabsAttribute TabsAttribute TabsAttribute TabsAttribute

Identifies the Tabs attribute of a text range.

TextChangedEvent TextChangedEvent TextChangedEvent TextChangedEvent

Identifies the event raised whenever textual content is modified.

TextFlowDirectionsAttribute TextFlowDirectionsAttribute TextFlowDirectionsAttribute TextFlowDirectionsAttribute

Identifies the TextFlowDirections (FlowDirections) attribute of a text range.

TextSelectionChangedEvent TextSelectionChangedEvent TextSelectionChangedEvent TextSelectionChangedEvent

Identifies the event raised when the text selection is modified.

UnderlineColorAttribute UnderlineColorAttribute UnderlineColorAttribute UnderlineColorAttribute

Identifies the UnderlineColor attribute of a text range.

UnderlineStyleAttribute UnderlineStyleAttribute UnderlineStyleAttribute UnderlineStyleAttribute

Identifies the UnderlineStyle (TextDecorationLineStyle) attribute of a text range.


DocumentRange DocumentRange DocumentRange DocumentRange

Gets a text range that encloses the main text of a document.

SupportedTextSelection SupportedTextSelection SupportedTextSelection SupportedTextSelection

Gets a value that specifies whether a text provider supports selection and, if so, the type of selection supported.


Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

(Inherited from Object)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Serves as the default hash function.

(Inherited from Object)
GetSelection() GetSelection() GetSelection() GetSelection()

Retrieves a collection of disjoint text ranges associated with the current text selection or selections.

GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

Gets the Type of the current instance.

(Inherited from Object)
GetVisibleRanges() GetVisibleRanges() GetVisibleRanges() GetVisibleRanges()

Retrieves an array of disjoint text ranges from a text container where each text range begins with the first partially visible line through to the end of the last partially visible line.

MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone()

Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

(Inherited from Object)
RangeFromChild(AutomationElement) RangeFromChild(AutomationElement) RangeFromChild(AutomationElement) RangeFromChild(AutomationElement)

Retrieves a text range enclosing a child element such as an image, hyperlink, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or other embedded object.

RangeFromPoint(Point) RangeFromPoint(Point) RangeFromPoint(Point) RangeFromPoint(Point)

Returns the degenerate (empty) text range nearest to the specified screen coordinates.

ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string that represents the current object.

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