BaseValueSource BaseValueSource BaseValueSource BaseValueSource Enum


Identifies the property system source of a particular dependency property value.

public enum class BaseValueSource
public enum BaseValueSource
type BaseValueSource = 
Public Enum BaseValueSource


Default Default Default Default 1

Source is the default value, as defined by property metadata.

DefaultStyle DefaultStyle DefaultStyle DefaultStyle 3

Source is from a setter in the default style. The default style comes from the current theme.

DefaultStyleTrigger DefaultStyleTrigger DefaultStyleTrigger DefaultStyleTrigger 4

Source is from a trigger in the default style. The default style comes from the current theme.

ImplicitStyleReference ImplicitStyleReference ImplicitStyleReference ImplicitStyleReference 8

Source is an implicit style reference (style was based on detected type or based type). This value is only returned for the Style property itself, not for properties that are set through setters or triggers of such a style.

Inherited Inherited Inherited Inherited 2

Source is a value through property value inheritance.

Local Local Local Local 11

Source is a locally set value.

ParentTemplate ParentTemplate ParentTemplate ParentTemplate 9

Source is based on a parent template being used by an element.

ParentTemplateTrigger ParentTemplateTrigger ParentTemplateTrigger ParentTemplateTrigger 10

Source is a trigger-based value from a parent template that created the element.

Style Style Style Style 5

Source is from a style setter of a non-theme style.

StyleTrigger StyleTrigger StyleTrigger StyleTrigger 7

Source is a trigger-based value of a non-theme style.

TemplateTrigger TemplateTrigger TemplateTrigger TemplateTrigger 6

Source is a trigger-based value in a template that is from a non-theme style.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

Source is not known. This is the default value.


This enumeration is used by a property within the ValueSource structure, which in turn is obtained by calling a GetValueSource method against a particular dependency property.

Each value of this enumeration indicates that a particular aspect of the overall WPF property system was responsible for the effective value determination of a certain dependency property value on a specific dependency object. To learn more about the WPF property system and the precedence at which each aspect of the property system operates, see Dependency Property Value Precedence.

The value Default is not the default value of the enumeration.

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