ContentElement.CommandBindings Property


Gets a collection of CommandBinding objects that are associated with this element.

 property System::Windows::Input::CommandBindingCollection ^ CommandBindings { System::Windows::Input::CommandBindingCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Windows.Input.CommandBindingCollection CommandBindings { get; }
member this.CommandBindings : System.Windows.Input.CommandBindingCollection
Public ReadOnly Property CommandBindings As CommandBindingCollection

Property Value


The collection of all CommandBinding objects.


A CommandBinding enables command handling of a specific command for this element and declares the linkage between a command, its events, and the handlers that are attached by this element.

Another typical way to populate the CommandBindings collection is to use CommandManager methods programmatically.

XAML Property Element Usage

    oneOrMoreCommandBindings  </object.CommandBindings>  

XAML Values

One or more CommandBinding elements. Each of these should have a Command attribute set to a known command, and attributes set for the CanExecute and Executed handler implementations. For more information see CommandBinding.

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