ContentElement.OnTouchEnter(TouchEventArgs) Method


Provides class handling for the TouchEnter routed event that occurs when a touch moves from outside to inside the bounds of this element.

protected public:
 virtual void OnTouchEnter(System::Windows::Input::TouchEventArgs ^ e);
protected internal virtual void OnTouchEnter (System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs e);
abstract member OnTouchEnter : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
override this.OnTouchEnter : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub OnTouchEnter (e As TouchEventArgs)



A TouchEventArgs that contains the event data.


The OnTouchEnter method has no default implementation. Override OnTouchEnter in a derived class to handle the TouchEnter event. Be sure to call the base class' OnTouchEnter method so that base classes receive the event.

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