DataGrid.ClipboardCopyMode Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates how content is copied to the clipboard.

 property System::Windows::Controls::DataGridClipboardCopyMode ClipboardCopyMode { System::Windows::Controls::DataGridClipboardCopyMode get(); void set(System::Windows::Controls::DataGridClipboardCopyMode value); };
public System.Windows.Controls.DataGridClipboardCopyMode ClipboardCopyMode { get; set; }
member this.ClipboardCopyMode : System.Windows.Controls.DataGridClipboardCopyMode with get, set
Public Property ClipboardCopyMode As DataGridClipboardCopyMode

Property Value

One of the enumeration values that indicates how content is copied to the clipboard. The registered default is ExcludeHeader. For more information about what can influence the value, see DependencyProperty.


Set this property to specify whether users can copy data from a DataGrid control to the clipboard and whether column header values are included.

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