DataGridGridLinesVisibility DataGridGridLinesVisibility DataGridGridLinesVisibility DataGridGridLinesVisibility Enum


Defines constants that specify the visibility of the grid lines in a DataGrid.

public enum class DataGridGridLinesVisibility
public enum DataGridGridLinesVisibility
type DataGridGridLinesVisibility = 
Public Enum DataGridGridLinesVisibility


All All All All 0

Both horizontal and vertical grid lines are visible.

Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal 1

Only horizontal grid lines are visible.

None None None None 2

No grid lines are visible.

Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical 3

Only vertical grid lines are visible.


This enumeration is used by the GridLinesVisibility property.

The style of the grid lines is determined by the VerticalGridLinesBrush and HorizontalGridLinesBrush properties.

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