DataGridLengthUnitType DataGridLengthUnitType DataGridLengthUnitType DataGridLengthUnitType Enum


Defines constants that specify how elements in a DataGrid are sized.

public enum class DataGridLengthUnitType
public enum DataGridLengthUnitType
type DataGridLengthUnitType = 
Public Enum DataGridLengthUnitType


Auto Auto Auto Auto 0

The size is based on the contents of both the cells and the column header.

Pixel Pixel Pixel Pixel 1

The size is a fixed value expressed in pixels.

SizeToCells SizeToCells SizeToCells SizeToCells 2

The size is based on the contents of the cells.

SizeToHeader SizeToHeader SizeToHeader SizeToHeader 3

The size is based on the contents of the column header.

Star Star Star Star 4

The size is a weighted proportion of available space.

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