Image.ImageFailed Image.ImageFailed Image.ImageFailed Image.ImageFailed Event


Occurs when there is a failure in the image.

 event EventHandler<System::Windows::ExceptionRoutedEventArgs ^> ^ ImageFailed;
public event EventHandler<System.Windows.ExceptionRoutedEventArgs> ImageFailed;
member this.ImageFailed : EventHandler<System.Windows.ExceptionRoutedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event ImageFailed As EventHandler(Of ExceptionRoutedEventArgs) 


If the Source is a BitmapImage and it fails to load, due to a corrupt header, both the DecodeFailed and ImageFailed events occur.

XAML Text Usage

<object ImageFailed="EventHandler" .../>

Routed Event Information

Identifier field ImageFailedEvent
Routing strategy Bubbling
Delegate EventHandler<TEventArgs>, constrained by ExceptionRoutedEventArgs

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