InkCanvas.EditingModeChanged Event


Occurs when the EditingMode property of an InkCanvas object has been changed.

 event System::Windows::RoutedEventHandler ^ EditingModeChanged;
public event System.Windows.RoutedEventHandler EditingModeChanged;
member this.EditingModeChanged : System.Windows.RoutedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event EditingModeChanged As RoutedEventHandler 

Event Type



The following example checks whether the EditingMode property is set to Ink or Select.

void inkCanvas1_EditingModeChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (inkCanvas1.EditingMode == InkCanvasEditingMode.Ink)
        modeLabel.Text = "Ink";
    else if (inkCanvas1.EditingMode == InkCanvasEditingMode.Select)
        modeLabel.Text = "select";
Private Sub inkCanvas1_EditingModeChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)

    If inkCanvas1.EditingMode = InkCanvasEditingMode.Ink Then
        modeLabel.Text = "Ink"
    ElseIf inkCanvas1.EditingMode = InkCanvasEditingMode.Select Then
        modeLabel.Text = "select"
    End If

End Sub


This event occurs after the editing mode has been changed; the changes are reflected in the EditingMode property of the InkCanvas.

Routed Event Information

Identifier field EditingModeChangedEvent
Routing strategy Bubbling
Delegate RoutedEventHandler

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