InkCanvas.SelectionChanging Event


Occurs when a new set of ink strokes and/or elements is being selected.

 event System::Windows::Controls::InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler ^ SelectionChanging;
public event System.Windows.Controls.InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler SelectionChanging;
member this.SelectionChanging : System.Windows.Controls.InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler 
Public Custom Event SelectionChanging As InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler 
Public Event SelectionChanging As InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler 

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The following example makes selected strokes royal blue.

void inkCanvas1_SelectionChanging(object sender, InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgs e)
    StrokeCollection selectedStrokes = e.GetSelectedStrokes();
    foreach (Stroke aStroke in inkCanvas1.Strokes)
        if (selectedStrokes.Contains(aStroke))
            aStroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.RoyalBlue;
            aStroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes.Color;
Private Sub inkCanvas1_SelectionChanging(ByVal sender As Object, _
                                 ByVal e As InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgs)

    Dim selectedStrokes As StrokeCollection = e.GetSelectedStrokes()

    Dim aStroke As Stroke
    For Each aStroke In inkCanvas1.Strokes
        If selectedStrokes.Contains(aStroke) Then
            aStroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.RoyalBlue
            aStroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes.Color
        End If
    Next aStroke

End Sub


The SelectionChanging event is raised when strokes and/or elements are selected by the user - but before the change is applied.

The SelectionChanging event is processed when the InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler receives an InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgs object. InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgs provides methods for accessing FrameworkElement and StrokeCollection objects after they are selected by the user.

After the change is applied, the SelectionChanged event is raised.


The SelectionChanging event does not occur when the selected strokes are deleted or when the ActiveEditingMode property changes.

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