InkCanvas.UseCustomCursor Property


Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether to override standard InkCanvas cursor functionality to support a custom cursor.

 property bool UseCustomCursor { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool UseCustomCursor { get; set; }
member this.UseCustomCursor : bool with get, set
Public Property UseCustomCursor As Boolean

Property Value

true if the InkCanvas is using a custom cursor; otherwise, false.


The following example demonstrates how to use a cursor that is different than the one supplied by the InkCanvas.

inkCanvas1.UseCustomCursor = true;
inkCanvas1.Cursor = Cursors.Pen;
inkCanvas1.UseCustomCursor = True
inkCanvas1.Cursor = Cursors.Pen


The InkCanvas will change the cursor style to reflect the current EditingMode while the cursor is within the bounds of the InkCanvas. If this behavior is not wanted, for example, when the InkCanvas uses a custom cursor, set this property to true, and the cursor will not change with the EditingMode.

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