MediaElement.Position Property


Gets or sets the current position of progress through the media's playback time.

 property TimeSpan Position { TimeSpan get(); void set(TimeSpan value); };
public TimeSpan Position { get; set; }
member this.Position : TimeSpan with get, set
Public Property Position As TimeSpan

Property Value

The amount of time since the beginning of the media. The default is 00:00:00.


The Clock property is not null.


Setting this property can enable you to jump to different points in playback (also known as seeking). Not all media types allow seek operations. The MediaFailed event will fire if the media source does not allow seeking.

This property has no effect until after the MediaOpened event has occurred.

This property can be set only when the Clock property is null. When the Clock property is non-null, the timing engine controls media playback behavior.

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