BulletDecorator.LogicalChildren BulletDecorator.LogicalChildren BulletDecorator.LogicalChildren BulletDecorator.LogicalChildren Property


Gets an enumerator for the logical child elements of the BulletDecorator control.

protected public:
 virtual property System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ LogicalChildren { System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ get(); };
protected internal override System.Collections.IEnumerator LogicalChildren { get; }
member this.LogicalChildren : System.Collections.IEnumerator
Protected Friend Overrides ReadOnly Property LogicalChildren As IEnumerator

Property Value

The enumerator that provides access to the logical child elements of the BulletDecorator control. The default is null.


The logical child elements for a BulletDecorator control include the Bullet and Child. If you set both properties, they are enumerated in the following order: Bullet, Child.

The number of visual child elements is the same as the number of logical child elements.

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