BulletDecorator.VisualChildrenCount BulletDecorator.VisualChildrenCount BulletDecorator.VisualChildrenCount BulletDecorator.VisualChildrenCount Property


Gets the number of visual child elements for the BulletDecorator control.

 virtual property int VisualChildrenCount { int get(); };
protected override int VisualChildrenCount { get; }
member this.VisualChildrenCount : int
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property VisualChildrenCount As Integer

Property Value

The number of visual elements that are defined for the BulletDecorator. The default is 0.


The VisualChildrenCount can be 0, 1, or 2. If either the Bullet or a Child element is defined, the VisualChildrenCount is 1. If both the Bullet and a Child element are defined, the VisualChildrenCount is 2.

The number of visual child elements is the same as the number of logical child elements.

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