LayoutInformation LayoutInformation LayoutInformation LayoutInformation Class


Defines methods that provide additional information about the layout state of an element.

public ref class LayoutInformation abstract sealed
public static class LayoutInformation
type LayoutInformation = class
Public Class LayoutInformation


The following example demonstrates how to use the GetLayoutSlot method to translate the bounding box of a FrameworkElement into a GeometryDrawing.

private void getLayoutSlot1(object sender, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs e)
    RectangleGeometry myRectangleGeometry = new RectangleGeometry();
    myRectangleGeometry.Rect = LayoutInformation.GetLayoutSlot(txt1);
    Path myPath = new Path();
    myPath.Data = myRectangleGeometry;
    myPath.Stroke = Brushes.LightGoldenrodYellow;
    myPath.StrokeThickness = 5;
    Grid.SetColumn(myPath, 0);
    Grid.SetRow(myPath, 0);
    txt2.Text = "LayoutSlot is equal to " + LayoutInformation.GetLayoutSlot(txt1).ToString();
Private Sub getLayoutSlot1(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)
    Dim myRectangleGeometry As New RectangleGeometry
    myRectangleGeometry.Rect = LayoutInformation.GetLayoutSlot(txt1)
    Dim myPath As New Path
    myPath.Data = myRectangleGeometry
    myPath.Stroke = Brushes.LightGoldenrodYellow
    myPath.StrokeThickness = 5
    Grid.SetColumn(myPath, 0)
    Grid.SetRow(myPath, 0)
    txt2.Text = "LayoutSlot is equal to " + LayoutInformation.GetLayoutSlot(txt1).ToString()
End Sub


GetLayoutClip(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutClip(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutClip(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutClip(FrameworkElement)

Returns a Geometry that represents the visible region of an element.

GetLayoutExceptionElement(Dispatcher) GetLayoutExceptionElement(Dispatcher) GetLayoutExceptionElement(Dispatcher) GetLayoutExceptionElement(Dispatcher)

Returns a UIElement that was being processed by the layout engine at the moment of an unhandled exception.

GetLayoutSlot(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutSlot(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutSlot(FrameworkElement) GetLayoutSlot(FrameworkElement)

Returns a Rect that represents the layout partition that is reserved for a child element.

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