TextBlock.TextDecorations TextBlock.TextDecorations TextBlock.TextDecorations TextBlock.TextDecorations Property


Gets or sets a TextDecorationCollection that contains the effects to apply to the text of a TextBlock.

 property System::Windows::TextDecorationCollection ^ TextDecorations { System::Windows::TextDecorationCollection ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::TextDecorationCollection ^ value); };
public System.Windows.TextDecorationCollection TextDecorations { get; set; }
member this.TextDecorations : System.Windows.TextDecorationCollection with get, set
Public Property TextDecorations As TextDecorationCollection

Property Value

A TextDecorationCollection collection that contains text decorations to apply to this element. The default is null (no text decorations applied).


The following example shows how to set the TextDecorations attribute.

<TextBlock TextDecorations="Strikethrough">
  This text will render with the strikethrough effect.

The following figure shows how this example renders.

Screenshot: Text with default strikethrough effect

The following figures show how the OverLine, Baseline, and Underline decorations render, respectively.

Screenshot: Overline TextDecorator

Screenshot: Default baseline effect on text

Screenshot: Text with default underline effect

The following example shows how to set the TextDecorations property programmatically.

TextBlock textBlock = new TextBlock(new Run("This text will render with the strikethrough effect."));
textBlock.TextDecorations = TextDecorations.Strikethrough;
Dim textBlock As New TextBlock(New Run("This text will render with the strikethrough effect."))
textBlock.TextDecorations = TextDecorations.Strikethrough


A TextDecoration object is a visual ornamentation you can add to text. There are four types of text decorations: underline, baseline, strikethrough, and overline. For more information about text decorations, see How to: Create a Text Decoration.

By default, this property is set to null and has no TextDecorationCollection associated with it. Before adding any text effects, create a new TextDecorationCollection and assign it to this property.

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field TextDecorationsProperty
Metadata properties set to true AffectsRender

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