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Contains information about the changes that occur in the TextChanged event.

public ref class TextChange
public class TextChange
type TextChange = class
Public Class TextChange


A TextChange object specifies where a change occurred in a TextBox or RichTextBox. The Offset property specifies the position of the change, the AddedLength property specifies how many symbols were added, and the RemovedLength property specifies how many symbols were removed. When the change occurs in a TextBox, a symbol is a single character. When a change occurs in a RichTextBox, a symbol is one of the following:

TextChange is introduced in the .NET Framework version 3.5. For more information, see Versions and Dependencies.


AddedLength AddedLength AddedLength AddedLength

Gets or sets the number of symbols that have been added to the control.

Offset Offset Offset Offset

Gets or sets the position at which the change occurred.

RemovedLength RemovedLength RemovedLength RemovedLength

Gets or sets the number of symbols that have been removed from the control.


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