ToolBarTray.Orientation Property


Specifies the orientation of a ToolBarTray.

 property System::Windows::Controls::Orientation Orientation { System::Windows::Controls::Orientation get(); void set(System::Windows::Controls::Orientation value); };
public System.Windows.Controls.Orientation Orientation { get; set; }
member this.Orientation : System.Windows.Controls.Orientation with get, set
Public Property Orientation As Orientation

Property Value


One of the Orientation values. The default is Horizontal.


The following example shows how to use the Orientation property to set the orientation of the tool bar tray; this determines the orientation of the tool bar.

<ToolBarTray Orientation="Vertical" 
             Background="White" >
  <ToolBar Band="1" BandIndex="1">
      <Image Source="toolbargraphics\copy.bmp" />
      <Image Source="toolbargraphics\paste.bmp" />
  <ToolBar Band="2" BandIndex="1">
      <Image Source="toolbargraphics\undo.bmp" />
      <Image Source="toolbargraphics\redo.bmp" />


Dependency Property Information

Identifier field OrientationProperty
Metadata properties set to true AffectsParentMeasure

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