VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit Enum


Specifies the type of unit that is used by the CacheLength attached property.

public enum class VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit
public enum VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit
type VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit = 
Public Enum VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit


Item Item Item Item 1

The CacheLength is measured in terms of the items that are displayed in the panel.

Page Page Page Page 2

The CacheLength is measured in terms of a page, which is equal to the size of the panel's viewport.

Pixel Pixel Pixel Pixel 0

The CacheLength is measured in terms of device-independent units (1/96th inch per unit).


Use the VirtualizingPanel.CacheLengthUnit attached property to specify the units of the VirtualizingPanel.CacheLength.

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