WebBrowser.GoBack Method


Navigate back to the previous document, if there is one.

 void GoBack();
public void GoBack ();
public void GoBack ();
member this.GoBack : unit -> unit
Public Sub GoBack ()


The WebBrowser instance is no longer valid.

A reference to the underlying native WebBrowser could not be retrieved.

There is no document to navigate back to.


The following example shows how to navigate back to the previous HTML document by calling GoBack. The example first checks that there are HTML documents to navigate back to by checking CanGoBack.

private void backButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)  
  // Navigate to the previous HTML document, if there is one  
  if (this.webBrowser.CanGoBack)  


If you call GoBack and there are not any documents to navigate back to, WebBrowser does not perform a navigation and an exception is thrown. If you need to, you can inspect the value of the CanGoBack property to determine whether there are documents to navigate back to.

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