Binding.XPath Property


Gets or sets an XPath query that returns the value on the XML binding source to use.

 property System::String ^ XPath { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string XPath { get; set; }
member this.XPath : string with get, set
Public Property XPath As String

Property Value


The XPath query. The default is null.


When the binding source is XML data instead of a common language runtime (CLR) object, the XPath property is used instead of the Path property to indicate the path to the value on the binding source to use.

By setting the XPath property, you are creating an XPath query to select a node or a collection of nodes (System.Xml.XmlElement and System.Xml.XmlAttribute both derive from System.Xml.XmlNode). System.Xml.XmlNode is a common language runtime (CLR) object, which means you can bind to its properties using the Path property.

The XmlNode.SelectNodes method handles the XPath expressions from the XPath property. XPath functions are not supported. For XPath expression information, see the SelectNodes documentation and some examples provided in the Example section.

LINQ to XML objects XDocument and XElement do not use XPath. For details, see How to: Bind to XDocument, XElement, or LINQ for XML Query Results.

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