BindingListCollectionView.SortDescriptions Property


Gets a collection of SortDescription objects that describes how the items in the collection are sorted in the view.

 virtual property System::ComponentModel::SortDescriptionCollection ^ SortDescriptions { System::ComponentModel::SortDescriptionCollection ^ get(); };
public override System.ComponentModel.SortDescriptionCollection SortDescriptions { get; }
member this.SortDescriptions : System.ComponentModel.SortDescriptionCollection
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property SortDescriptions As SortDescriptionCollection

Property Value


A collection of SortDescription objects that describe how the items in the collection are sorted in the view.


Note that if you have multiple BindingListCollectionView objects and the underlying source is a DataTable or a DataView, the view objects do not sort or filter independently. For example, if you have two BindingListCollectionView objects associated with the same DataTable and you perform sorting on one of the views, the order of items in the other view can be affected. This is because BindingListCollectionView objects use the underlying IBindingList for sorting and filtering functionalities.


This property can only be set by accessing the collection object and using its various methods such as Add. The property to access the collection object itself is read-only; the collection itself is read/write.

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