BindingStatus Enum


Describes the status of a binding.

public enum class BindingStatus
public enum BindingStatus
type BindingStatus = 
Public Enum BindingStatus


Active 2

The binding has been successfully activated. This means that the binding has been attached to its binding target (target) property and has located the binding source (source), resolved the Path and/or XPath, and begun transferring values.

AsyncRequestPending 4

The binding is waiting for an asynchronous operation to complete.

Detached 3

The binding has been detached from its target property.

Inactive 1

The binding has not been activated.

PathError 5

The binding was unable to resolve the source path.

Unattached 0

The binding has not yet been attached to its target property.

UpdateSourceError 7

The binding was unable to send the value to the source property.

UpdateTargetError 6

The binding could not successfully return a source value to update the target value. For more information, see FallbackValue.


XAML Text Usage

You do not typically use this enumeration in XAML.

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